“Soaking Saturdays”

 One definition of soaking is “to immerse for a period of time until completely saturated”

That is the purpose of our “Soaking Saturdays”

To spend time in the presence of God and allowing Him to saturate us with his love, presence, peace and whatever else He may wish to do.

In the process we become softened, so that by the time we leave, we are refreshed, and have taken on  something of His “aroma”.

The day is completely non – threatening and suitable for everyone.

Our next Soaking Saturday to be advised once rerstrictions are lifted

From 10.30am – 1pm

Tea and coffee provided.

Please bring and a pillow, cushion, duvet or anything else to help make you comfortable! 

Come and bring your friends!

   For more information :

 Tel 01273 400648


 Mill Lane Barcombe BN8 5TH